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I look forward to chatting with you about the ERTC program and how we can help you access the thousands of dollars waiting for your business to claim. This money is not a handout, it is a refund of money you have already paid to the IRS.

If you have not completed the short, 10 question questionnaire please do so here. There is no obligation, it is a free evaluation, and gives our team enough information to determine if you qualify for a ERTC refund and that we can help you claim it.

If you have completed the questionnaire then you already know you qualify and you will further receive communication (emails and phone) directly from our funds recovery team. I'll do my best to answer outstanding questions to help move your claim through the first steps of the process within 7 days.

What to expect from our call:

  • Get to know more about ERTC Express

  • What we need you to do to move forward

  • Recognize that while we work quickly the IRS does not, the sooner you get us the required records the sooner we can do our work and the sooner your claim lands with the IRS.

  • Answer the questions we can answer based on where we are in the overall process.

  • Michael S.

    Michael is your first contact with our refund recovery team. Once your file is open and underway you will be dealing directly with our claims team, paralegal and accountants.


    REAL EXAMPLES of companies receiving ERTC refunds:

    Hawaiian Brewpub/Restaurant $320,623

    Charlottesville Non-Profit $249,712

    Church in Georgia $227,702

    Animatronics Manufacturer in Florida $636,021

    Local Restaurant in Maryland $118,866.30

    Rehabilitation Clinic in Minnesota $181,306.90

    Church Georgia $590,728.80

    A few examples of ERTC funds paid received

    Concrete/Construction company $452,570.20 in total rebates!

    ERTC funds received

    Catholic Ministry -- $249k in total rebates!

    ERTC funds received

    Wellness Center $105k back

    ERTC funds received

    BBQ Restaurant $12k back

    ERTC funds received